Advantages of Mason uPVC

MASON Advantage: Our core values guide us to weave the business around the key aspects of cost efficiency, highest quality standards with the keenest importance to individual consumer specific customization.

Cost efficiency: Our team of purchasers with their exceptional bargaining abilities procures the raw materials at the lowest costs which helps us in delivering the products at a price point that is usually lower than the market average.

Highest quality standards: While we focus our efforts on bargaining, we do not take it easy on the best quality profiles, glass and other equipment to obtain the best and only best output in terms of the product quality. Our experienced team of technicians takes an approach of attention to detail. We use state of the art machinery, imported from foreign countries in achieving such quality in carving every window/door to perfection.

Consumer specific customization: We believe we are in the business of meeting individual needs in home/office building solutions for windows/doors. It only comes naturally that we pay attention to every customization detail customer requests.

MASON philosophy: we strongly believe that each business transaction is a great opportunity to connect and build an honest relation in making of a home/office for you or someone. We take pride in doing so, and hope that helps in making the world a little better than it has already been.

MASON guarantee: We promise to pay very serious attention to your comments/feedback all throughout the transaction and guarantee to make sure that doing business with us would be a pleasure.

un-plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (full form of uPVC) is the same as PVC material without plasticizers. PVC is a strong but light weight plastic commonly used in pipes, clothes and even toys. If plasticizers are not added into PVC, we obtain a more rigid form called uPVC which is commonly used for windows and plumbing works in construction.

uPVC advantages:

Weather Resistance - More than any other building material uPVC windows keep their excellent material properties even after many years of use. They do not alter under any extreme temperature and weathers. They are resistant to negative effects on caused by heavy rain, snow, strong sun. Unlike wood or any metals, they do not rot/corrode/warp.

Maximum Wind Resistance - Due to the excellent material properties, uPVC windows can even be installed in buildings closer to seas, where they are permanently exposed to strong winds, heavy rain and salty air. These uPVC windows have passed several tests and withstand harsh wind conditions unlike many other materials.

Long Life, Maintenance Free -Thanks to Modern Technology, uPVC windows easily outlast regular wooden/metal windows. For some profiles, they even practically last forever. For this reason, they are excellent investment for your home as they involve next to zero maintenance costs. They do not require repainting and expensive maintenance.

Termite Resistance - In tropical climates wooden windows are often destroyed by termites, whereas uPVC windows are fully resistant to Termites. South Indian climate being tropical only means termites can be a serious problem. Therefore uPVC is a very good alternative for traditional wooden windows.

Efficient Thermal Resistance – uPVC windows contribute to the cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your home. Because of the design of the uPVC material itself, the thermal insulating performance of the finished window is exceptionally good. The glazing is also of utmost importance for good thermal values, also contributing to substantial energy savings.

High Sound Insulation - The protection against sound is absolutely essential characteristics of a modern window in order to ensure a comfortable life both in home and office. Sound Insulation in the uPVC profile design is exceptional to say the least.

Behavior in case of Fire - Fire tests have shown that uPVC materials, being naturally flame retardant throughout their product life, will not cause, support or enhance the development of accidental fire. Unlike wooden windows, uPVC sections do not support combustions and are in fact self-extinguishing. This quality prevents the promotion of the fire spread.

Environmental Advantages - The extrusion process of uPVC profiles is relatively energy efficient, compared with other materials such as Aluminum. Usage of uPVC windows in place of wooden ones results in lesser cutting down of trees, which makes it a very good environmentally conscious alternative. uPVC profiles are environmentally friendly as they can be fully recycled and reused for the production of uPVC profiles.