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Hundreds of customers have trusted Mason for their uPVC window and door needs. That’s because we treat our customers right and offer a wide selection of uPVC windows & doors. Experience the unmatched service that so many in greater Hyderabad have enjoyed.

When it comes to the windows and doors for your home, you can trust Mason uPVC in bringing your beautiful vision to life, with highest importance on customer satisfaction in a budget friendly and timely manner. 


Windows and doors are the essential components of every shelter on the planet earth. It is the way these lifeless shelters breathe-in the air and see the world. Over the years, these windows and doors have gone tremendous transformation. From windows and doors made from twigs and twine to the ultra-modern state of the practice unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (uPVC) based, window and door making has turned to more of an art than a business. This art of carving windows and doors to perfection is the only goal we had in mind, when we decided to setup a uPVC based windows and doors fabrication plant. Putting a business spin on the idea of providing the world with the best-in-class uPVC windows and doors happened by putting together a team of expert business savvy people to work.

True to our very name, MASON assumes the responsibility of a true mason in bringing perfection to your house/office with the beauty of aesthetically pleasing windows and doors. MASON uPVC is the vision of young entrepreneurs looking to make a mark in the building materials and fabrication industry. At MASON, the core values revolve around “value co-creation”. We strongly believe in the purpose of adding value to the existing construction business ecosystem in addition to the art of windows and doors carving.

We are located in the heart of South India, in the city of Hyderabad, Telangana, making us convenient destination for customers from all major cities in South India, including but not limited to Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Bangalore and Chennai.

MASON Advantage: Our core values guide us to weave the business around the key aspects of cost efficiency, highest quality standards with the keenest importance to individual consumer specific customization.

Cost efficiency: Our team of purchasers with their exceptional bargaining abilities procures the raw materials at the lowest costs which helps us in delivering the products at a price point that is usually lower than the market average.

Highest quality standards: While we focus our efforts on bargaining, we do not take it easy on the best quality profiles, glass and other equipment to obtain the best and only best output in terms of the product quality. Our experienced team of technicians takes an approach of attention to detail. We use state of the art machinery, imported from foreign countries in achieving such quality in carving every window/door to perfection.

Consumer specific customization: We believe we are in the business of meeting individual needs in home/office building solutions for windows/doors. It only comes naturally that we pay attention to every customization detail customer requests.

MASON philosophy: we strongly believe that each business transaction is a great opportunity to connect and build an honest relation in making of a home/office for you or someone. We take pride in doing so and hope that helps in making the world a little better than it has already been.

MASON guarantee: We promise to pay very serious attention to your comments/feedback all throughout the transaction and guarantee to make sure that doing business with us would be a pleasure.

Services: Our expert team of customized window fabrication artists helps you in each and every stage of making suggestions about different window styles based on your needs, from arriving on site to get accurate measurements, to providing timely pricing estimates, to taking extreme care with your choice of fabrication, to installing it on site with utmost care and taking care during service stages. Our central goal remains to become the go-to guys for the best uPVC windows in Hyderabad.

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